Tuesday/Monday Mower Post

It feels like Monday.
Yesterday, I started mowing the yard, then the lawnmower broke down. I spent a couple hours trying to fix it, but it wouldn’t start. There was a guy mowing next to next door. I asked him to finish up for me and he did. He wanted $25 and I gave him  $30. Yard mowed. Mission accomplished. Now I have to get the lawnmower fixed. I think something’s broke inside the engine. It was making a weird clanging sound before it died. The red rubber thing you use to prime the engine before starting is ripped. The idle is too low. I’m taking it to a lawnmower repair place, today I’ll stop by and see if I can drop it off tomorrow. To me, it’s still a new mower… less than two years old I think.
The weather is better, today I’m taking the scooter, first time in about three weeks! Yeay! In the car, I am a mere mortal like everyone else. On the scooter, I am immune to traffic! Plus the scooter is better parking for my beach  lunch!

Have a good day! 

3 thoughts on “Tuesday/Monday Mower Post

  1. good luck with the mower! mine was idling really low and finally wouldn’t start any more. took it in for a tune-up, oil-change, needed a new filter and voila! runs great!

  2. I will now wait to see the Jurassic movie at home… cos your review isn’t the only one that’s said it was not that good. I remember watching the first one and kept getting the crap scared outta me!
    Yaa to getting your lawn mown by the neighbour, that was good of him, and probably $30 well earnt.
    It’s freezing here. And it’s going to get worse for me… cos we are moving south (Hamilton) as soon as we can move Steve and Bex out, then sell our house! It’s WAY WAY colder in Hamilton!
    We lived there for 12 years about 13 years ago and I vowed I’d never live there again.
    See how things change! Stew’s got a promotion of sorts, and has to move. He will commute once he starts down there until we can buy a house down there.
    I haven’t put that on my blog as we are still waiting ‘official’ comfirmation. Which is a mere technicality, but still I am gagged.

    The only part I’m looking forward to is the house shopping… THAT is always fun. *smiles*

    Right, I’ve yabbered in enough. Have a lovely Tuesday.

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