Tuesday Animals

Cats lounging on a box
Cats on a car.
Little One under a car.
Big Leaf Lenny gives us a wink.

Tuesday easy post. Pet pics…

I got the driveway painted yesterday afternoon, not the whole thing, just spot painted my repair zones. Next up: resurface and re-paint the roof.

I had a dream last night that I was chasing a centipede. I had to move each and every piece of furniture and it escaped into the wall. Then I could hear pipes clanging and stuff because it was back there. In the beginning of the dream, it was in soapy water and I thought it would drown. Then it started undulating and I guess it was drying off. Creep dream. I hate those things.

Have a good day!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Animals

  1. Nice animal pics, but that dream theme wasn’t so cool, especially since I’m reading this just before going to bed for the night…. I’ll try to think of happier things before I fall asleep. 😉 Take care, and happy dreams tonight.

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