Tuesday Monday

It’s Monday, but really it’s Tuesday.

Yesterday was the best day of the weekend. We went to the beach and snorkeling.[jwplayer config=”Player-320-480″ mediaid=”9659″]

Above is a photo and a super short (3 seconds) video of a triggerfish that hid as soon as I saw him.

And that’s about it. Also, last month, when The Wife went to Costa Rica, she brought me back a coffee cup gift from our cousins. It’s pretty¬† fancy, with the saucer and the spoon and everything…

markoffeeYodito means super strong coffee, and has something to do with iodine.

I have been working at the Airport for 6 months now. That means my probation is over. I have to get an evaluation to make it official. Today..

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Monday

  1. We hope your evaluation went well. Do let us know. Never heard of iodine in coffee? Sounds like after the coffee you might be awake for ever nevermind going to sleep.
    Hope you had a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I’m having problems with the video and the photos for this post. I’ll have to fix it when I get home. I think it’s related to the problem I had with my post disappearing….

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