Tuesday for you, Monday for me

Yesterday was a holiday here. So today is my Monday (and a lot of other peoples)
I joined this thing called Instagram, if you’re on it, please follow me, MarkD60. My Wife is on it and she was telling me how much she likes it. 
Also I’m on Twitter, I REALLY like Twitter. It is kicking Facebooks butt. If you’re on Twitter, please follow me as well,, again, MarkD60.
Attitude is an amazing thing. It is like lenses you see the world through, and it makes things seem absolutely real, even if you rationally know they are not. It’s kind of like how you feel makes it impossible to know how you feel. Usually I am unaware of how I feel, unless I suddenly get a way of comparison, like being in the same place under the same circumstances and being aware that the only thing different is me. It makes all the difference between success and failure at almost any task.
Right now I feel like I’m going around a corner and things are going to start changing for the better. I hope the feeling lasts.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday for you, Monday for me

  1. I was on twitter for a while..then realized that if I was on twitter and used it I was a twit..and I'd worked to hard to be an asshole to down grade to a twit. I'm hanging with facebook till they drive me off.sending up some prayers for you.

  2. Attitude eh? What about how other people affect your life ? *sigh* things are a bit rough here at the moment, so my life sucks a bit.Hopefully things get better soon.I'm glad things are looking up for you though.

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