Tuesday: Football Hopes and Results

Here’s last weeks results and next weeks hopes. I’m not very scientific in my pics, just who I want.

I’m glad Houston lost. I don’t teams that move or change their name. Houstons team is the Oilers. After a quick glance at their roster, here is only one Texan on Houstons team, Brian Braman went to college there. Nobody else seems to be from Texas.

Be proud of who you are, Houston Oilers, don’t try and be something you’re not, like a Texan.

I don”t like the Baltimore Colts in Indianapolis. The St Louis Cardinals in Arizona, the Rams in STL. (The Rams moved around so much I don’t even know where they’re from). The team is with the city. The team stays with the city.

I like the Raiders only when they’re out raiding, I don’t like them at home. I like them to lose at home and win on the road.

Chicago sucks.

Dallas sucks.

I’m a mean sonuvabitch when it comes to NFL football. Stick to MY rules, MY way!

I’m ready for today.

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