TS Grace

We are dead center for Tropical Storm Grace. My hurricane shutters are up already or ready to go instantly, but I don’t expect it to really be that bad.

I drove past a grocery store yesterday during lunch hour and traffic was atrocious. People were blocking 4 lanes of traffic to enter the grocery store parking lot. It never occurred to me why until I got back to work and thought about it for a minute.

Not to be boastful, but I somewhat maintain a state of readiness even when there are no storms coming.

Have a happy Tuesday, stay dry, & don’t freak out.

3 thoughts on “TS Grace

  1. Don’t talk to me about bloody toilet paper! We are in Lockdown again and the first thing people do? Rush to the supermarket and buy up ALL the toilet paper! Crazy. I hope the storm is not too bad and no one runs outta toilet paper. lol

  2. Right. I’ve read back at least 5 months. I am so sorry to find out about your marriage break up. Not loved anymore? That is so sad. I hope you find happiness again mate. Your rental looks amazing, I love how open plan it is, yet cosy too.

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