Trivia Night

Last night was Trivia Night at Pirates Den (PD’s) Pub. It is sponsored by Cayman Animal Rescue Enthusiasts (CARE). My wife’s mighty team, The Hammerheads, (of which I was a part, AND picked the name), came in third place. (I think that actually, PD’s is the sponsor for this CARE event, not vice versa)
Here is a glorious picture of our mighty trivia team!


CARE  raised almost $1000 for the free spay/neuter program at this event, which apparently happens the first Wednesday of each month. I’m sure the Hammerheads will be back!

It was tough, for example, “what’s the only English word that ends with the letters MT?” I got it, so I’m sure you will too.

I am so glad it tomorrow is FRIDAY!

5 thoughts on “Trivia Night

  1. One of the pubs here called “the Lion and the Rose” has trivia night. I love going to these things when I can. Problem is, I spend too much money drinking.

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