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I’ve noticed a trait that seems to have developed in me. Vehicle usage. I go to work, and come home. If I need to take care of any business or shopping I do it on the way to work or on the way home. Once I’m home, I am very reluctant to take a vehicle back out again. I’ll ride my bicycle, but I resist taking the van or scooter. I’ve said it before, my idea of a good weekend is when I get home from work Friday, and don’t go out till I go to work Monday. Seems to mainly mean vehicle usage.

Anyway, this seems to have developed into a preference right under my nose without me noticing it.

Yesterday I got my new Kindle. I love it so far. The one thing is I liked having the button to turn the page, not just touching the screen. I have already turned pages without meaning to. AND it turns the page so fast that I can barely see the switch, sometimes I wonder if I touched it hard enough. But it’s nice, waterproof, strong feeling and the back light is great.

July already, can you believe it? Have a good month!

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  1. We have developed the same trend. We like staying home. In fact, with the stay home orders, not much changed for us. 😉 Fortunately, we now work from home. It’s a good thing we’re retired from My Honey working at sea because we would surely be home again anyway, unless assigned to a ship without guests.

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