Transit Of Mercury

Remember my pics of the Transit of Venus? Well, today is the transit of Mercury.

I’m ready to watch it the only forseeable problem is clouds.

Today is a holiday Monday. Back to work tomorrow.

It was quite cool this morning for the dawg walk.

My attitude about the construction has improved considerably since yesterday, although it has been a long tough weekend. I’m just going to one-day-at-a-time it. What may sound contradictory, is I’m trying to think ahead, so I have the materials when they’re needed. I’m delegating a lot of that responsibility though. I got the wife working on colors and tiles and bathroom stuff.

Fun fact: Did you know a standard toilet sticke out 30 inches from the wall? That’s a lot! I’m going to find one that sticks out less.

Have a good week! Hope you get to see Mercury passing the sun today.

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