Too Far Far Away

When I was very young, in my grandmother’s apartment there was a painting that I thought was spooky. It was a river in the woods with some girls in white standing by the water. There was a dirt embankment between the river and the woods and on the horizon beyond the woods far far away looked like a field. To me the whole thing was creepy but the worst part was that field. I felt like if I ever found myself in that field I could never find my way home again and would be gone forever.

Last night I had a very similar dream, sort of. I was in a building and I could look out the windows. Far far away was a very remote parking lot, full of cars. All the cars had people in them and they couldn’t get out of their cars. I knew that if I was in one of those cars I couldn’t get out either, and I would be gone forever. It seemed like, in the building, I could look towards the parking lot and be there. I could instantaneously travel from the parking lot to the building without ever really leaving the building. Throughout the night I kept going back and looking at the parking lot and it was scary, like my grandmother’s painting.

That’s my post for today, have a good Tuesday.

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