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It was a good weekend, yesterday, (Monday) was a holiday here. Sunday morning, the wife, our friend Emma and I went for a 90 minute snorkel. My plan for today’s post was to upload a video of aforementioned snorkel. However, according to calculations made by YouTube, my 5 minute video will take approximately 60 minutes to upload. In 60 minutes, I’ll be at work and today’s post will be posted, video or not.

It was a rainy weekend, it started Sunday after we got back home and rained pretty good through yesterday. It’s still cloudy and more rain is expected today.

Hopefully tomorrow my video will be posted, that is if YouTube doesn’t explode from me switching networks mid upload.

Have a good week!

2 thoughts on “Today’s Post Tomorrow

  1. It sounds like a fun weekend. 🙂 I’m outta here for an appointment with My Honey so don’t/can’t see your video, but, hey, I have a vivid imagination and great memories of your lovely island. I’ll check back later for the video. 😉 All the best!

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