Todays Post Has No Title

Here we are, Tuesday. although I don’t feel bad, I feel very ‘mortal’ today. When I woke us there was a bug on the floor, I stomped it and missed. I notice that i miss with the flyswatter too, when I’m getting gheckos.


  I  wonder if  it means anything, like I’m getting Alzheimer’s or something.

Then the dogs, ooooh the dogs. I walked them this morning before I took a shower, they act like they’re exploring the surface of Mars. A fruitless walk, if you know what I mean. Then I bring ’em in and take my shower, and after the shower, they’re all excited, like it’s time for their walk again. Not today, boys and girls.

I think I’m just crabby this morning. I was having a dream that my scooter wouldn’t go. It was stuck in the mud or had a problem with the throttle or both. I remember getting to some grass and thinking “Oh good, I can go on this”.

I think I need more coffee. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Todays Post Has No Title

  1. I have a freckle on my big right toe, that I’ve been trying to kill for about 10 years..I look at my foot and think oh, crap, there’s a bug on my foot and then swat the hell out of it and then remember..nah, that’s a freckle..dumb dumb dumb

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