Tickled Pink Over $14.99 Jeans

Went to a birthday dinner party last night, then did a little grocery shopping. Stayed up late, it was hard to wake up this morning. I only ran a little, few hundred yards.

I’m wearing new jeans that I got for $14.99. I am tickled pink that I found some jeans at that price here in Cayman. Levis jeans are over $100CI dollars here. I was at our “Price Club”, there are usually jeans there, but always in huge sizes. I looked anyway, and found one pair my size. I bought them. Tickled pink.

It’s been rainy all week, looks like it might not be so bad today. I told my Wife yesterday that I was going snorkeling at lunch today, rain or shine. Maybe it will be shine!

It’s almost Friday! Have a great day!

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