Thursday Thoughts

It’s Thursday. It is a perfect looking day, not a cloud in the sky. Yesterday I finished lesson 3 in my network + course and went to the beach. Today I have an appointment at 11 and may do the same again, (go to the beach, not necessarily complete a lesson).

I haven’t mentioned it here before, but I started my own company. I say I’ve started it, but I feel like I haven’t really started it yet. I think I’m waiting till I am sure I have everything in order before I start publicizing it. But I’m starting to think that I will never have everything in order, so I should just go ahead and go.

I have been doing a few jobs, but not making enough money to pay the bills. But I haven’t done anything to get business yet, no advertising or publicity, so far it’s been all just word of mouth.
I did go around to the local radio stations and passed out a brochure I made, but it was experimental and the brochure was somewhat crude. I have no clue what is good and what is not, salesmanship-wise. I can fix your equipment, I just can’t market my own company.
Today I nave a meeting about a contract. Wish me luck

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  1. Your OWN Business!! That is wonderful!! and I wish you all the good luck and success you can get!!I like Your ad! Looks very Professional!! And yes you can market your business. Just spend a little money putting it in the local newspapaers, the grocery and store bulletin boards for a start. Then you can do more when you get more money from jobs…get some little cards made. You can make them from your computer!! See?? Easy as Pie!! …debbie

  2. I like your logo too! Just look around and check it isn't the same colour scheme as any other companies in your area it may be confused with…..if it is, choose another colour….but the layout is great!As you can see, I can comment now. Not sure what happened yesterday? Oh well, fixed now:)

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