Thursday Thoughts

Yesterday I got my Nexus 7. I’m typing this on that.So far, I like it, but I’ve barely started using it after charging the battery.
Yesterday I also got an email from Trip Advisor, asking me to remove my link to their site from my November 10th, 2010 post. First I said no, but The Wife said “why not?” so I said “why not?” too and took it off. The post was a good review of Tim Buk Tuu restaurant here in West Bay, Grand Cayman. The email said that my link was reducing traffic to their link. I doubt it.
I’m glad the weekend is almost here, and glad today is payday.

7 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Hmmm links that are not appreciated? Pity.
    Yaa it’s already Friday here… I am looking forward to a quiet, warm weekend snuggled under a blanket!
    It’s right freezing here in New Zealand right now.

  2. I would think Trip Advisor would be glad for the extra links/exposure.

    Did you link deep into their site, rather than the front page, maybe? Some places at least used to get bent out of shape if you did that.

  3. At least they didn’t accuse you of copyrite infringement like a certain well known network accused me of. Their show asked me to put a video up on youtube of me talking about the haunted location they were interested in filming and of my experience there. I never signed anything giving them rights to my video. But after they filmed me in LA and then again here in Louisville (recreating the haunted experience) they contacted Youtube and told them I was guilty of copyright infringement by putting up THEIR video on my page. I was close to getting my youtube account pulled. I fought it though and won! Yay me! It was a pretty annoying month and a half though while it went thru the review process. Ticks me off that the network didn’t just come to me and ask me to remove it. I would have done that then. But to accuse me of committing a crime and to say MY video was theirs… heck no!

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