Thursday Ramble

Above are some pictures from last weekend.

I hate ironing. I can’t believe people still iron clothes in these modern times. In the Navy, we ironed all the time and I can’t remember it being such a pain in the ass.

We have a weather system moving in. I can hear waves from the back porch and it is cloudy cloudy and windy windy. Yesterday it was cloudy so I took the car instead of the bike. I left 5 minutes late and got to work a half an hour later than usual. And then it didn’t rain all day. I was stuck in traffic like a mere mortal. Today I’m driving again. It better rain!

I like this new blog, Now my problem is linking my reader with this blog instead of my old one. Also I can’t make the Twitter widget show up, but I’m not too worried about that at this time.

I gotta go! Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Ramble

  1. Fascinated by your diving images… would love to have the nerve to dive into the ocean. We have a magnificent old Venetian part of town here where’s there a terrific spot for diving – beautiful and CRYSTAL clear. I’ve only ever snorkeled there and it thrills me beyond words looking into the DEEP but scares the s… out of me as well. So overpowering.
    About ironing… feel like I’ve done enough for a lifetime. When we moved to this little Greek island two years ago I/we somehow managed to forget the ironing board when we moved all our stuff. Maybe it was the subconscious playing a trick, lol! Anyhow… never got a new one and now go with the crinkled look!

  2. Pretty fish photos!

    I hate ironing too. So much, in fact, that I gave away my iron and ironing board. I have that spray that you can spray on clothes to get out wrinkles. If that doesn’t work, I get rid of the clothes.

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