Thursday Night Sushi

Happy Friday! Last night the wife and I had a very nice dinner at the Ritz held by her workplace, the National Gallery. In appreciation for work done by all during the covid pandemic.

Le menu, the other side was almost the same, except vegan.

Like I said, it was very nice. I’m just starting to learn the names of all my wife’s co-workers, but alas, she’s moving on soon to greener pastures soon.

Glad it’s Friday. I went to bed late last night, hence it was hard to wake up this morning, ergo I anticipate a longish, draggy day.

Below is a picture of two or our many cats, Catnip (AKA Knip with a hard “K”) and Goldie thee Famous.

Knip can eat more catfood than any other cat on the planet. He’s a munchkin!

Have a great weekend!

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