It’s Thursday, less that 24 hours till The Wife goes to Costa Rica. I sure do wish I was going. I can’t get off work.

I think this weekend I’ll cut all the grass with the weed whacker, since someone stole the mower, I have no choice. I could buy a new one, but would rather wait till payday, for budgetary reasons. Or maybe I’ll just let it go to jungle-ish conditions.

I have a technical problem with my blog. Apparently the anti spam software is not communicating with the master software somewhere else and as a result, I have to moderate the comments. Before it would just not post the spam, but now I have to moderate each one. I’ll look into it today if I get the chance.

That’s it for today, have a good day!! Tomorrow’s FRIDAY!!!

6 thoughts on “Thursday

  1. Bummers! Too bad you can’t go to C.R. with your Sunshine. Well, it’ll make her homecoming all the more sweeter when she gets back to you. We can only weedwack our lawn. We let the yardboy have that sweet job. Our goats don’t like eating from the ground, they are bush, vine and tree eaters. So, get a couple of sheep for your yard. Goats will only eat up whatever other plants you have : ) So much for spam blockers.

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