Three Days and a Wake Up

Today, tomorrow, Sunday, wake up Monday and go to Italy!


I am ready to go!

Today is my last workday, It has been my experience, that on the days I want to take it easy, it doesn’t happen.

My wife packed last night! Thats the signal I was waiting for!

I think my scooter is totaled. $600 to repair a $2500 (new) bike…

Time to go, not to Italy, to work.

Have a good day and weekend!

3 thoughts on “Three Days and a Wake Up

  1. My comments never seem to show up on your blog anymore, but I figure I will still give this a try. I hope you have a GREAT time in Italy and sorry about you scooter. 🙁

  2. Oh well maybe taking the initial out of my name did it! Anyway hello! I’m glad my comments are finally showing up and hope you have a great time!!!

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