things work out

Today will be a busy day. I got a lot done last week, but today I have to tie up some loose ends. So I’ll be out running around out in town this morning like I did on Friday. Which is good!
It turned out to be a really nice weekend even though I didn’t dive. I got a call from an old friend who came to the island on vacation, and he had plans to go freediving with a friend who works at the dive shop. Small world, funny how things like that work out. I told him I was already freediving with this girl and we’d try to make it. Then I called her and asked if we could go with him, she said she wanted to go later and couldn’t make it that early, so we rescheduled (her idea). Then I went to the beach and when the time came to go, I didn’t feel like going, so I didn’t. I just stayed at the beach all day. I really don’t want to see an ex girlfriend, especially just the two of us, alone.
While I was at the beach, I went snorkeling with my camera, I took some pics. Blogger is giving me a hard time uploading them.

A gold and black lobster

A snapper. Last night a friend stopped by to show me a fish he caught, I think it was the same fish!

Last night I went back to the beach with my binoculars and looked for Messier Objects. I want to try to find all the ones I can see with binoculars. Now I can lay on the beach all day AND all night!

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  1. At least where I’m at last night was prime opportunity to see the rings of Saturn. Of course I learned about this opportunity way too late. There is an observatory near me as well. Dang it! I would have loved to have seen that!

  2. Hi Mark, I have been sort of out of pocket lately and am just getting back to my regular reading. I love the pic of that lobster. It’s beautiful. It is awesome that you can see all that in the sky from where you are.

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