The Westin Casuarina Grand Cayman SUCKS.

Yesterday, The OI Girls work took us all out to brunch. We had reservations at the Westin, but they sucked, Crappy table outside, under a low hot tent, dirty tablecloth, cheap plastic chairs and flies everywhere. The manager was no help. So we left and went to the Ritz. They were impeccable.
Once I took some friends who were visiting on a cruise ship to the Westin for lunch. After we got done eating by the pool, we walked out on the beach and a security guard kicked us off because my friends wife put her purse on a lounge chair, the lounge chairs are for registered guests only. If we hadn’t already paid the bill, I’da given it to that security guard to pay.

The Westin Grand Cayman SUCKS.
Tell yer friends!!

I can’t believe George Carlin Died.
That hit me hard this morning. I always thought he’d be a great President of the US. Better than any president in the last 20 years.

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  1. Wow, I usually like the westin. I’m sorry to hear the one on Grand Cayman stinks. I do like the Ritz, though, too. And by, the way, your house looks great!For your reader, The Westin in Key West is awesome.

  2. Duly noted. I’m always looking for hotel reviews so this will be taken into consideration.And Carlin. What a shame. The people we need in this country keep dying. I was beyond fortunate to see him a couple of months ago. Once in a lifetime, that’s for sure…

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