The Weather: Worlds Best Kept Secret

Cayman UKI have a hard time finding a reliable source for the weather. We used to have, that was pretty good. But it’s gone. Above is a picture from The Weather Channel. The only weather info The Weather Channel shows is a picture of a sun with a cloud over it. Forever and ever. Accuweather says 10% chance of rain and Weather Underground says 40% chance. Do I take the car or the scooter to work?

The best source of weather info is wherever the Dive Shops get it from. They are always moving their boats around to one side of the island or another to avoid weather, and they’re always right. I know plenty of people who work in the dive industry, but do you think I can find out where they get their weather info? NooooOOOOOoooooo! But dive shops only care about wind and waves, not sun and rain. That’s what I care about. The airport has a very good meteorological department, and I could call them every morning. But I feel that would be a little inappropriate.

Where is a good weather website?

So how do I know? Drive or ride? Which way to go?

Coinflip: Heads ride, tails drive. Heads it is!

4 thoughts on “The Weather: Worlds Best Kept Secret

  1. When it’s hurricane season, I go with The rest of the time I use, just plug in where you live and there is a LOT of detailed information as well as a pretty interactive radar.

  2. Jeez, now there is a good question for your part of the world. Me? I use Accuweather, and my local KSAT weather here and between the 3 of them I usually get the average of what it’s gonna be here…..

    I never think that the resources I have here aren’t everywhere….

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