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This has been all about the weather the past several posts. Unintentionally for the most part, but it’s :What’s going on”..

TS Storm passed by and did a moderate amount of damage. I found a “bubble” where water got under the newly resurfaced porch and I could chip off a large section using only my fingernails. My friend lost roofing shingles and has some repairs due. Many trees came down and several light poles. In our backyard woods I could hear tree wood cracking and a large sounding tree fall beyond my sight. A big beach fell off a tree on our street and I chainsawed it away the next day. Also I spent several hours clearing away small limbs and debris from our yard.

We had one sunny day after cleanup day and I went to the beach. Big waves, muddy water.

Now, the next storm is lined up.

Looks a lot like ETA, the storm we just had. ETA is still out there, by the way. It has taken a wild ride.

Red is past, green is projected

since out one sunny day, it’s been cloudy and rainy.

I’m not the only one who will be glad to see this years hurricane season end!

Yesterday was a bank holiday here, so this is a Monday-feeling Tuesday.

Have a good week!

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