The True Story Of The Day It Rained Pears

It was 1970, plus ot minus 5 years. I was at my Uncle Harolds house in Washington State, USA. My Uncle owned an apple orchard.

There was a Pear drought that year, no pears were growing in Washington. Farmers were bulldozing their pear orchards and planting apples.

There was a kid next door to my Uncles who was aboout my age, and we were playing around back in the orchards. There were concrete irrigation ditches with clear, flowing water. They were pretty fun to play in. And the orchard was at the very base of a moutain. The orchard was flat, then the mountain started, and went up and up.

So, we’re back there, swimming in the ditches, climbing mountains, having a pretty good time overall. Nice green grass, clear flowing water, warm summer day.

All of a sudden “CHOOK!” A pear landed pretty close to us. I looked at him and he looked at me. “CHOOK!” another pear landed. and then “CHOOK!” “CHOOK!””CHOOK!” “CHOOK!”

It literally started raining pears. There were supposedly no pears in the state, but hundreds fall from the sky.

We ran. Orchards are weird, because all the rows of trees look the same. Every corner, every inersection looks the same.

We went back later and didn’t find a single pear, but neither of was sure we had the right spot. But this story is true. Totally true.

Have a great weekend.

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