The Smartest Day Of My Life

I woke up this morning at 4:15, feeling sharp! I was glad to have a;mother half hour to sleep, and when I woke at the alarm, I was brain dead and groggy. (It got better!)

I feel like I talk about this a lot here, and wish I understood better the brain. Mostly, I think, I wish I just had more control over mine. I’m not really talking about emotions, emotions, I think, are quite easy to manage. I’m talking about alertness. I am aware of different levels of alertness.

I remember in High School, one day, taking a test. I’d read the question, and I could reach back in my head and remember the teacher talking about it. I was really smart that day. Smartest day of my life. Even the teacher noticed, I asked a question about what she said that day she said it. She was impressed by the detail of my memory, and said so.

I’m aware of these levels of intelligence in my head, but what part of my brain is doing the analysing? There must be some unwavering standard that I’m using to measure.

Back at the radio station, there was a period where the transmitter frequently blew fuses. I’d go out there, change the fuse, and everything seemed OK, I couldn’t find the problem, because it was intermittent. One night, I went out there, brain set on changing the fuse and going back home to bed but there was the problem, the real problem. I remember the sensation of physically trying to get my brain to turn on, like starting an engine. I went out there all dull headed and I remember trying to become more alert. I did find the problem that night, and the transmitter was fixed, really fixed, and quit blowing fuses that night, but I’ll never forget it. The “trying to start the brain” sensation.

I’m really interested in this, and I don’t think it’s really understood by humanity.

But I think the human brain is cool.

Hae a great day!

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