The Secret of Happiness

Right now, I have a full set of problems, I always have a full set of problems. Six months ago, I had a full set of problems, and I’m certain that six months from now, I’ll have a full set of problems.

On a good day, maybe I’ll get rid of three old problems, and only get one new one, on a bad day, maybe I’ll get rid of one old problem and get three new ones.

I’ve learned, that I’ve always had a full set of problems, and I always will. My inbox is never going to be empty.

I already said, I have/had/will have, a full set of problems now, six months ago, and six months from now. But you know what? Right now, I can’t remember what my full set of problems was six months ago, and I bet, six months from now, I won’r be able to remember what my full set of problems is today

My secret of happiness is to enjoy my time, even with unresolved problems, because they’re always going to be there, whether I have fun or not.

If I waited till all my problems went away before I could enjoy myself, I’d never have any fun. I’d be focused on my problems 24/7. I’ve been there, done that.

Another good saying is “When you’re going thru hell, keep moving.” I used to wallow in the familiar misery I kept myself in, worrying about my full set of problems, setting up a campsite, staying in my own personal, self-made hell indefinitely. But it’s no fun.

I wanna have fun! You have fun today too!

2 thoughts on “The Secret of Happiness

  1. Bloody good post dude. I was depressed many years ago and my Doctor said to me “In one year’s time you are going to look back on this time and realise it really wasn’t that bad, and you got through it”… and I’ve never forgotten that. We are going through so much right now, have a sick son, a sick, twisted daughter who is a narcissist, trying to get our home ready for sale, looking for a new home, teenagers who are driving me batty etc etc etc… but in a year? Like you.. there will be another set of ‘problelms’… so why worry? lol

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