The problem with digital cameras.

I take pictures, download them to my computer, and no one ever sees them. That’s the problem with digital cameras. At least in the old days the film developer guy saw them, if no on else…
Here’s a bunch from the last week…

May 08, 2014 0004 May 08, 2014 0001 May 07, 2014 017 May 07, 2014 002 May 07, 2014 003 May 07, 2014 016 May 03, 2014 058 May 03, 2014 009 May 03, 2014 022 May 03, 2014 045

5 thoughts on “The problem with digital cameras.

  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures from the week. I started blogging to share my pictures with family back home and have now found so many other friends out here in blog land who enjoy sharing pictures. It really is fun, isn’t it! 🙂

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