The Penguin

This is a joke my Wife told me probably a year ago. She told me not to tell you. I’n not sure if she meant don’t tell you that the joke is from her, or if I’m not supposed to tell you she has a dirty mind. So I’m not. I’ll deny everything!

There was this penguin, he was driving in his car, (you know how penguins are, they love driving their cars) and he started having engine problems. Luckily, he coasted to a stop right in front of an auto repair place.


While the penguin was waiting for his car to be checked, he noticed an ice cream store across the street. You know how penguins are, they love ice cream! Sooo, the penguin  informed the mechanic he would wait across the street till they found out what was wrong with the car.


Next thing ya know,¬† the penguin is across the street, eating a big ice cream cone. And you know how penguins eat ice cream cones, they’re pretty messy eaters.

Before too long, the mechanic comes out and waves the penguin over about his car.

The penguin runs across the street, and the mechanic says, “Well, it looks like you blew a seal”.

The penguin blushed and said, “No, I was just eating ice cream”.

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