The Other Instructions

Yesterday I started assembling the 12 foot (that’s big!) Satellite dish. The instructions that were in the box were kinda lame. They said, basically, assemble the reflector assembly as shown in figure 2.1. Assemble the mounting assembly as shown it figure 2.1. Figure 2.1 was a picture of the dish.
I put it together, because this aint my first rodeo, but there were leftover parts, not in figure 2.1. I knew where they went, but since they weren’t in figure 2.1, I left them out, knowing as Arnold said in Terminator, Ahlll Be Bock!
So this morning I downloaded and printed the “Other Instructions”. They show all the steps to assembly and I will finish up the dish today.
Except the concrete pad and the pole for the dish aren’t there yet. So I’ll leave the dish there laying on the ground, all pretty.

Also Happy Friday the 13th! You know the guy in the pic below is happy today!
Friday the 13ths are usually lucky days for me!

7 thoughts on “The Other Instructions

  1. I've long maintained that instructions and instruction manuals are generally written in Swahili by hamsters and then loosely translated into English by disinterested Maine Coon cats…or something like that.

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