the old days

It’s Wednesday morning, the week is flying by! Yesterday was the full moon, and I’m looking forward to a waning moon and darker skies. (Because of my binoculars)
Today is my split shift day. Today in the afternoon is the talk show. That girl who died last weekend used to host the talk show and todays show will be dedicated to her. It should be quite emotional.

It seems like my blog used to be more interesting, I’m trying to figure out what happened. Maybe it’s simply because I don’t take as many pictures. I go back and look at “the old days” and it seemed so much better. Oh well, I probably just haven’t had enough coffee yet today!

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  1. Your blog is still interesting. You are too hard on yourself. I mean just look, now you are so famous that people are recognizing you on the street (or beach) – as in Jeff and Lisa. How cool! And the really cool thing is that after reading their blog I was left wanting more and wondering if they ever went back to their beloved Caymans. Now I know.

  2. Was it more interesting? I must have not read it back then. ;^)Totally kidding; of course, it’s interesting! that’s why we keep coming back!

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