The Next Catfood Thief

Cats are different than dogs. They’ll seldom clean their plate clean, they always leave a few orts as if to say, “I ate it to survive, but it wasn’t good enough for a cat of my high caliber”

So when I found their bowls lickety spit clean yesterday, I checked the survielance tapes and found the damning evidence depicted in the above video. I’ve caught Sheba stealing the indoor cat’s food as well.

Sheba has been having food paranoia lately. She actually bit my wife quite badly about a month ago, and she growled at me last week. She percieves a threat about food. I think the problem is that whenever the (indoor) cat meows for food, she gets it, Sheba the on-a-diet fatty dawgie gets measured portions. So now, the catfood goes in the drawer when it’s not mealtime, and both animals eat at the same time.

Since my wife got bit, several of the previous dog babysitters have come out of the closet, saying they got bit too.

When Sheba growled at me, I yelled at her so loudly she took off running for her kennel, but not before showing me her teeth again. More than a year ago, she also bit our cleaning lady and ripped her shoe. Sheba’s been spending Mondays in her kennel since then.

All of a sudden, our precious pup has quite a bad reputation. I bought her a muzzle the other day, for when we have visitors.

I didn’t make it to the beach for lunch yesterday. I had “Customer Service” training. It was interesting and a nice one-day change.

Our class

An interesting slide

I don’t deal with passengers at all in my job, but it still was a good class. It was more like a discussion than a school-type class.

Above is a lunchtime photo of our new airport, under construction. It’s going to be the best in the Caribbean, in every way!

I had a good walk and my first swim this morning. Swimming felt OK, no pain in the foot.

Today I plan on definitely making it to the beach at lunchtime.

Definitely! Wonder how my fins feel?

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “The Next Catfood Thief

  1. …she bit your wife quite badly about a month ago, and she growled at me last week and you still have her. Really?

  2. Any dog that bite it’s OWNER or even growls at them is a problem dog. I would be worried. I’m glad you got a muzzle for her when you have visitors. The new airport looks great. I love the video btw, nice to see your lush lawn.

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