The Next Blog Button: WTF?

At the top of most blogger screens you see a button that says “Next Blog”. What thee heck is that? I always thought you could just go randomly to another blog, and thought it would be a good way to find new good blogs, but I think something is very definitely wrong with the Next Blog button.
It seems to me, with limited experimentation, that after the third press, the button is locked onto a theme. In other words, you press the Next Blog button once, you get a random blog, press it again, random blog. Third press, you get what seems random, but every press after that takes you to a blog with something in common with the third press blog. For example, I have found that if I hit a Spanish language blog on the third press, all the blogs after that are in Spanish. If I hit a religious blog on the third press, all the blogs after that are religious.
Just now, I pressed the next blog button, the third press was an art blog. After that, they were all art blogs. I would like to know how that works. Is there a reason it’s like that?I like to find new blogs to regularly read. The Next Blog button seems worthless.
I have found the best way to find new blogs is to go to YOUR blog, look at the blog of someone who commented on one of your posts, look at the blog of someone who commented on one of their posts, Look at THAT persons blog…. and so on and so forth. I call it Bloghopping. I posted a post about it before but can’t find it now.
I posted a thread in a Blogger Help forum about this, but haven’t heard anything back…. Not losing any sleep over it.Try it! – Try pressing the Next Blog button and let me know how it works for you. Do you agree? or is it just me?

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  1. Your right. I did that not too long ago and I did notice that. I didn't like what kept coming up so I quit looking at "next blog". It's fun to serf new blogs from time to time, but like YOU said, not get stuck in some "fashion" or whatever blog….debbie

  2. Heeey! I'm not short tempered alll the time. Usually I'm as sweet as pie, but some idiot can get me riled up quickly, then I am…welll….ill tempered for a short spell…lol…debbie

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