The Mystery Of The Broken Ribs Sensation

Last week, I added a short, quick abdominal exercise routine to my beach lunch hours.

After the first day (last Thursday I think), I felt a not-unpleasant “It’s working-good” kinda soreness. I did the routine again the next day. The next morning, I felt like I had broken all my ribs. Bad pain on the outsides of my back and my sides, not my spine, but everything else. It hurt to inhale. I didn’t know if it was because of the exercises or not. It was a very different pain than the good-soreness previously

So I rested up over the weekend, and then did the abs routine again. I felt the feeling. The Planking exercise.

This cartoon guy even kinda looks like me..

Look at the picture above. Look at the red hot agony of the abs. On me, the red zone reached much further around my back.

I probably used some muscles I had never used before in my life.

Mystery solved.

Do you think I should quit the Planking part of the exercises? Nooooo, I’m doubling up on them. I like that you can feel it, and the pain today is nothing compared to initially.

Today is supposed to get cloudy and rainy. In fact, it’s starting to sprinkle right now! Out of an almost clear blue sky! I gotta go!

Have a good day!


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