The man left behind in the shark attack


So, I just read an article about a in-the-water photographer who was forgotten during the Mick Fanning almost shark attack. It was an oversight on the part of the rescuers, caught up in the moment, but it speaks poorly of the  organizers of the surf meet, inadequate training and procedures.

How would it  have felt to watch everyone leave after you just saw a giant fin of a shark that attacked someone near you in the water? Imagine the swim in alone, knowing there was a hungry shark about.

Read the article HERE

One thought on “The man left behind in the shark attack

  1. well that was scary as shit..if I was him I’d find the guy on the boat and punch him in the face.he was much too calm for me…did you see the video of the alligator on the beaches and ocean ? now that’s really scary. I’m not taking a bath anymore..scary things are everywhere.

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