The Hump Is Over!

This Wednesday morning, is already over the hump. Because Friday is a holiday, the midweek moment was last night after work. Tomorrow is this weeks last workday for me! Although it doesn’t really seem to matter now, as we have some terrible weather, cloudy and cold wind from the north. Last night it was blowing the furniture on the porch around and the wind knocked Travlin’ Tim off the table and he broke! I fixed him with epoxy and you can’t tell much.

Apparently this wind is supposed to continue FOREVER!


Remember I bought a new Camera? Below is a picture I took of it underwater. It is tiny and takes incredible HD video. Now when I snorkel I have a camera in each hand!
Camera 14MP-9PC I drove the car into work yesterday because of the weather and the traffic was so bad I couldn’t stand it. So today I’m scooterin’ into work, rain or shine.

Have a good day!

4 thoughts on “The Hump Is Over!

  1. I never owned a waterproof camera and since we live amid cornfields with the nearest water 90 miles north of us, I guess I never will be able to dive. But I admire people who can and do dive and come up with some amazing photography.

  2. Yikes it sounds like you are getting our weather……OK that means a swap…….so can we have yours prior to the arrival of ours please? At least it is the holidays. Love the little camera. I need one for squirrel hunting.
    Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

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