The Following Story Is True..

…..the names have been omitted to protect the guilty.

Thursday Morning, September Fifth.

0525: Took suspects on their daily furlough, it was a normal, uneventful exercise routine. I say normal, except one of the suspects deficated in the middle of the street.

0550: Suspects were left in the yard of the compound, while the warden (me) entered the main building for normal preparation for the days activities.

O559: Heard commotion, coming from the yard, went to investigate. Upon my arrival, I found the suspects behaving pecularly innocently.

0602: Nabbed the suspect with the worse criminal record. Remanded her* to solitary.

0610: Upon returning to normal daily preparations, I noticed no further commotion coming from the yard, verifying the correct suspect was nabbed.

0625: Suspect in the yard was returned to main building. The suspected suspect was released from solitary. Normal mealtime was observed for both suspects. Order and normal routines have been restored.

We always get our…….. Pooch!

The suspects
  • (* Any good detective can figure out which of the above suspects is the guilty party..)

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