The Dog Across The Street

there’s a dog across the street looks like Doberman / German Shepherd mix. Nice dog, I’ve petted him.

The problem is, my dog Daisy hates his guts. When she sees him all tameness and domestication leave her and she is total wildbeast. She will turn and bite anyone or anything. The Daisy we know and love is not in her head when she sees that other dog.

I’ve called the humane society, and they say she needs some training. I am skeptical. Every time she sees that dog I have thought she would bite me.

Last night I laid awake, worried about getting bitten (by Daisy) if we happen to see that dog.

Across the street is the back of a house. The dog stays mostly to the front of the house, so I seldom see him. But lately he’s been coming around more and more. I think there’s some territory war going on out there.

To me, Daisy is the problem the other dog doesn’t get all worked up Daisy goes complete werewolf, no domestication. Insane.

2 thoughts on “The Dog Across The Street

  1. Oh, my. Is your Daisy a rescue? She may have had a terrible experience before you got her with a dog similar to your neighbor’s dog. Sorry, I don’t have a solution, but I feel your concern.

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