The Depths Of Winter

Here it is freekin cold! Right now I’m wearing a stocking cap, long pants, sweatshirt and a jacket. When I got to the computer my blog thermometer said 70, which is cold!

This morning I was walking the dawgs. Our neighbor was walking her dog too. She has one of those little yippy purse dogs. When we met, my dog, Ditto, who is a killer (really) silently went straight for the little yippy dog. I yanked him back by the leash and all he got was a mouthful of fur. I put him on his back and he knew he fucked up, bad. She seemed Ok and her dog was completely unharmed. (Both the lady and her dog) I apologized profusely to the lady and kept Ditto on his back, reprimanding him until she was gone.
That was my morning excitement. Sheba, on the other hand, is the opposite, she would love that little dog to death, possibly licking her till she drowned.

Today I’m going to start to re-do the CayTronics Web page. I’m tracking down parts and waiting for a big satellite dish to arrive. this should be a good month, but I cannot see more than this month into the future.

4 thoughts on “The Depths Of Winter

  1. Ha! You just put things into perspective for me. I live in South Texas and anything below 65 is cold here. I never for the life of me thought that there may be a different opinion south of me….

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