The Decline of Fitness Trackers?

I read an article HERE. It’s about fitness trackers and their decline.

It’s pretty funny, but maybe true. My wife takes hers off, so that her step goal doesn’t go up too much for tomorrow. I have, on occasion, NOT heeded the “MOVE!” notification for the same reason. I also have a little disgruntlement because I lost my step goal streak because of the tracker bettery dying. (My post about that is HERE.) I was really trying to keep my step goal from rising in those days.

I like my Garmin VivoSport a lot, I find that all I have to do is keep it happy, and better fitness is merely a side-effect.

I don’t care if everyone else quits using them, I like mine, and will keep using it.

Looking at the chart above, it occurs to me that maybe the decline coincides with the end-of-life for peoples trackers, and many people choose not to buy new ones. I started with a FitBit Charge HR, went through two under-warranty replacements (battery died), then moved to the Garmin VivoActive. (which is supposedly waterproof, FitBit isn’t). With the Vivoctive, I also had two failures under warranty. When the second replacement Vivoactive failed, the warranty year was over (The original and both replacements, (three units) all flooded in waist-deep water, although they’re rated to 50 meters), and I decided to buy a cheaper model, the VivoSport. I almost bought two, in anticipation of failure, (but I didn’t) But anyway, maybe, many other people are having this general feeling that many fitness trackers don’t last as long as they should, and not replacing them.

Of course, with my broken foot, everything is on hold. No exercise and a boot on my leg for four and a half more weeks. I can’t wait to start my morning run and swims again.

This morning, 0700 our time,

Costa Rica is playing in the World Cup. We plan on watching, the wife is still in bed, but she said she was going to set her alarm. I’ll wake her up if she doesn’t seem like she’s getting up.

Also, the cat is sick, puking all over the house and yowling like she’s in heat. She must have eaten something unsavory last night.

Have a great day! Pura Vida! Go Costa Rica!

One thought on “The Decline of Fitness Trackers?

  1. I killed my last fitness tracker by taking it swimming… it didn’t like that. Since then I’ve not replaced it, and I’ve NOT MISSED IT. Won’t be getting another one either.

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