The day after

Back to work today, after day laying down all day yesterday. I took a sick day yesterday, as you may already know. I feel much better.
I’m feeding the cats as I voice this. The cats are all antsy because there was a dog earlier that I chased off.
I’m basically removed everything I could remove from the boat. I chained the lower unit and the anchor is padlocked. Ridiculous.


I guess that’s about all for my rambling today time for that wonderful first cup of coffee! Yeeeha!

5 thoughts on “The day after

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Hopefully, the chains will discourage thieves. But, lights in the bedroom at night don’t make me sleep well. We used to have a bright street light shining right down into our bedroom the electric company thought we wanted and we told them to shut it off. Nicely. They did. We slept better and they saved a few watts per night. I hope the rest of your week goes much better for you.

  2. Theives! Grrrrr. It sucks that even though you have chained everything up… bolt cutters can be used to take your stuff ya know?
    I must admit I like puppy’s name (Pearl) better than Paisley, but one must say nice things about the new owner’s ideas on names. It’s only polite.
    I hope your chicken Pearl is not lonely.

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