The Cayman Cloud

Cayman Cloud, phrase coined by Guy Harvey.

In Cayman, there’s a phenomenon called the Cayman Cloud. As the tradewinds blow across the island, the warmer land forms a long, ribbonlike cloud, that you see in the picture above. Very common, and it can rain, even when there’s no chance of rain, as far as the weather forcasters predict.

From my observations, it happens most on the south side of the island. Why it doesn’t cover the whole island, I don’t know. I suspect because of the North Sound.

But it sure sucks when my lunch beach is the only cloudy beach on the whole island! It didn’t happen yesterday, when I took this picture, but it happens too often for my liking!

Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “The Cayman Cloud

    • Often, you can sit on the sunny beach, and see it pouring rain a few hundred meters down the beach. A lot of times, you can be sitting in the sun in the rain, and that’s super-nice!

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