The Art of Mowing

It was a good weekend. Cleaned the yard after the fencers left, cleaned up my workbench downstairs.

I also mowed the yard for the first time since the fence was put in. It is a completely different experience.

I used to mow the side, then the front, then the other side and part of the back, then the rest of the back. Now, because of the driveway, I can’t get to the front from the side. So, I mow the yard starting with the outside of the fence, then the side, then most of the back, then part of the back, the other side and part of the front, then the rest of the front.

Maybe in the¬†future, I’ll post a diagram.. ¬†Seems necessary.

It’s Monday. Blah. That’ll do for today, have a great week!

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