That was it

It was an Ok weekend, even though Saturday was rainy. We needed the rain.
I don’t understand it, We water the banana plants almost every day. They hover on the brink of death. It rains and they put out new leaves, almost instantly. What’s wrong with the water I give them? We’re never going to get bananas at this rate.
Yesterday was laundry day and in the evening we went and visited the Bro and Sis In-Laws at East end.
And that was my weekend!

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  1. My guess would be the lack of magnesium sulfate in the desalinated water in Cayman (which bananas need to be strong and healthy). Try sprinkling a half a cup or so of magnesium sulphate around the plant (easiest to use plain old epsom salts) or a fertilizer that has around 2% magnesium. Just my two cents.

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