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I hung out at the post office yesterday and collected a few million from your generous donations. Thanks! Hopefully I’ll make it till payday now!

Walkin the dawg this morning, it was windy. Windy is not good for us shore divers. But yesterday we changed the date of our dive to Sunday, this morning is gas blending day.

Today I’ll be working from noon till after midnight. I have two outside broadcasts. I suppose there will be a rather lengthy space in between, but I can’t really do anything weekendy during that time. But I’m not complaining, really I’m not. I have a great job in a great place.

I had a satellite dish that points at the BBC satellite, A tree grew so it was partially blocking the dish’s view of the sky. I had some guys with a cherry picker truck and a chainsaw trimming the tree. They would tie a branch to the crane, so it wouldn’t fall, and then cut it. They had a huge piece and the way they had it tied it was topheavy. I told them this. Then I got a call that the AC guys were heading out to the transmitter site. So I had to go. I barely got away when I got a phone call that they dropped the tree on the dish. Later that afternoon I finally saw it, it is pretty mashed up and must be replaced. Another thing to add to my list. Also, instead of just trimming the tree, they pretty much cut the whole thing down. Imagine, if you will, two 15 foot tall tree stumps. The tree is on somebody elses property. UH-Oh, hope there’s no grief over that one! This all happened while I was gone for a half of a morning. AND the AC guys chopped a hole in the wall, went for lunch, and never came back. When I got back to the station, I had a long talk with the second-in-command about my frustration.
But I’m not complaining, really I’m not.

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  1. That’s actually a pretty funny story. You can’t let those tree timmers out of your sight for one second! Sounds like you have a busy weekend ahead. Hope you get to dive!

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