Thank You Penelope Marzec!


A few weeks ago, I won one of Penelope Marzec’s giveaways, a book and a tote bag! We have been blog buddies for  a long time. As I always  say: “Blogging is for finding new friends, Facebook is for finding old ones.”

I was very excited to receive her package yesterday! In the giveaway, Penelope said she would send the book of my choice (by her, of course) and I said I wanted her to choose for me. She chose the ‘The Pirates Wraith‘, about a modern day woman who gets strick by lightning and wakes up back in Pirate Days! It sounds like a book I am going to enjoy and an an exceptional beach read!

The bag is very nice too, and very heavy  duty material and a velcro closure. We use these bags in The Cayman Islands for groceries as the grocery store charges for each plastic bag. Even  though when my wife took the above photo and said the bag looked “Just my speed”, I’m going to give it to her. She likes using a bag like this to go to the beach, and this is by far the best one out of all we have!

Thank you  again Penelope!

Have a great Wednesday!

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