Thailand Cave Boys

I’ve been following this story since they got lost. I was hoping that they’d be found alive. This reminds me a little of the Chilean miners trapped and rescued years ago.

Thailands Cave Boys Football Team

On the BBC this morning, the rescuers are trying to figure out how to get the boys out, many can’t swim, and the cave is quite flooded. Also, they have to carefully be re-introduced to food, which they hadn’t had for days. (They took a picnic lunch with them in the cave

Looks like they’ll be giving the boys some scuba lessons!

Looks like they did some serious uphill climbing in the cave!

All the pics came from the BBC article HERE.

Below is a pic of the moment the boys were first found. It’s from a video you can see on the BBC website.

It gives me the warm fuzzies that this group was found, and they’re basically OK. I hope they can get them all out safely and quickly!

It’s a Monday-like Tuesday. Yesterday was our last holiday till November.

Looks like rain today…

Have a wonderful week!

2 thoughts on “Thailand Cave Boys

  1. Such things often end in disaster but they are safe and should eventually leave the cave safely. I am astonished at the number of rescuers. There are even ten Australian professionals there. I think they should drill a shaft and winch them out, but I am sure the most appropriate decision will be taken.

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