Terrible Tuesday

Not so terrible, but Monday sucked.
Got home from work found my boat full of footprints. My guess is thieves are casing the joint out. So we went and got some items to secure the boat better, and when I got home, although the Sun had set, it was still light on our street. Turns out that also yesterday they put not one but two street lights are tiny cul de sac. Now our bedroom is filled with light all night. Below is a pic of the two new lights.

Also last night, I got food poisoning.  Last time (time before last, now) we went to my new favorite restaurant, I saw a plate that looked really good.  It was about eight medallions of meat and it looked delicious. I told the waitress that I wanted to try it next time.
So, last night, I ordered it.  It didn’t look the same It was nasty. Now I feel like my stomach is full of molten lead.
I’m taking my first ever sick day from work.

7 thoughts on “Terrible Tuesday

  1. My only problem sleeping is cars (trucks) with no mufflers roaring down the road.

    I’ve never had food poisoning, but it doesn’t sound very fun. Hope it passes quickly. Pun sort of intended.

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