Tater Teeef

I was talking to the wife on the phone yesterday when I saw Daisy eating the giant sweet potato. My first thought was that the wife gave Daisy the potato before she left for her plant sale. But No. Daisy got the potato from a bag of potatos in the kitchen

A Potato Thief!

She pretty much demolished the whole yam, aand judging from the volume of potato parts, I didn’t think she ate much, but after bedtime last night, we were awakened by the retching sound of a brown dawg puking orange.

My weekend was OK. Every time I thought about going to the beach, it got cloudy. And every time I started doing anything indoors, it got sunny.

Good progress was made on the downstairs construction. Walls almost to the top. Starting to worry about tiles and bathrooms now. Wife picked the tiles already, I think.

It’s very cloudy and it rained on us for the morning dawg walk.The builders need more materials, which I’m ordering today. I feel like I’m too busy to go to work, too distracted by this project.

Have a good week.

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