Washington Redskins Broken Leg Day

Yesterday, November 18th, 2018 Washington Redskins Quarterback Alex Smith broke his leg.

Exactly 33 years prior, November 18, 1985, Joe Theismann broke his leg, in an injury that ended his career as a QB. I remember seeing it, it was horrorific.

It was a bad day for my team, The Washington Redskins. They lost too, but barely. I think Alex Smith will be back next year. At first they thouht it was an ankle injury.

I think the Redskins backup quarterback, Colt McCoy, is a durn good QB though.

Bah, it’s Monday. Thankfully, I have, again, acheived the perfect cuppa coffee! Have a great week!

A Tough Gnome With Attitude

Ever since I saw the movie Amelie, I have wanted a garden gnome.


This one is pretty cool. Probably my favorite I could find online this morning, although I did see one with a cigar once. I don’t want a cute, rosy cheeked Christmas ornament type either. I want a gnome with attitude. And I don’t want something dainty that’s gonna break either. I want a tough gnome that can take the rustle, tussel, bustle and hustle of life.
A tough gnome with attitude. Yeah.

Today is Monday, but The Wife has the day off. I think we’re going to the beach. Sounds good to me.

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