What a day yesterday!


Yesterday, The Wife and I went for a walk, a Powah Walk. When we came home there was no power. Our Power Walk must have drained all the Powah. Something blew up at the power station and the electricity was off island wide till after lunch. I whipped out the generator and ran the fridge. Went to town, came home and the generator was out of fuel and the power was still off. City Power came back on as soon as I refueled and restarted the Generator.

We used the gas grill to make coffee and eggs for breakfast. It was fun. I said I thought we could get the power turned off for a week and take a camping vacation at home. The wife said no.

Still working on the driveway. Gonna have 6 inches of concrete. at least. Generally speaking, the new part will be 9 inches thick, but one corner is 16 inches. I’m just leveling her up with the gravel. I used 3 cubic yards of gravel and have two more coming tomorrow.

It was a lot of work, moving all this and spreading it all out. I did have some help.

I was hoping to pour the concrete this week but hopefully next week for sure.

Anyway, since there was no power yesterday, I couldn’t post. That’s why.